"Farmers Don't Need Food, They Need Information"

Evergreen Agriculture Tanzania
In partnership with Earth Day 2014

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Evergreen Agriculture Tanzania (or EAT!) helps Tanzanians in rural areas to improve their lives through the daily work that they do; farming. EAT! is based in Mwanza, Tanzania, East Africa on the southern shores of Lake Victoria. Tanzania is a resource rich country where the majority of the population lives in rural areas and depends on agriculture.  Smallholder farmers grow food for sustenance and produce for sale on small 1-2 acre plots of land. The farmers know their needs best. We respect their experience and knowledege and support them by providing access to information, resources and links to markets according to their needs.

EAT! facilitates farmers in implementing sustainable agricultural methods for lasting gains in yields through improved soil fertility or plant varieties best-fit to the local climate and markets.  One of the communities we work with is investing in disease resistant cassava to save the yields of this drought resilient root crop. Another community is planting trees useful in agroforestry that will provide fertilizer from their leaves to improve soil fertility, firewood from their branches for fuel for cooking, and natural medicine from their roots to treat common tropical ailments.

Evergreen Agriculture Tanzania (EAT!) is registered under The United Republic of Tanzania's Non-Governmental Organization Act 2014 since 2014.

501(C)3 Status is coming!